I'm Polina ;)

I’m a Product Design & Data lover currently at Dynamics 365 Microsoft I am passioned about innovation, human-centered design methodologies,  business impact and solving complex problems.

Previously I've worked at MyHeritage, and prior that I graduated from Shenkar.

About me
I graduated from the Department of Visual Communications at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Tel Aviv in 2018, specializing in Data-visualization & UX.

I was born in Belarus and relocated with my family to Israel when I was 9 years old. Since I was 6 years old I've been crafting and designing even before I knew it. I remember when I was 6 years old, I was gathering gum packages, paper, flowers, and creating a beautiful collage under shattered glasses pieces from various bottles, burying it all under the sand. I was collecting pieces from broken tv's and electronics, and trying to rebuild them all over again (I didn't succeed though).

Now, after turning my passion into my profession, it guides me whenever I go and see an opportunity to make things more usable.I am data and detail-driven with a proven ability to achieve goals and manage multiple project deadlines.

I'm always open to learn, develop new skills, staying curious, and openly asking questions. I love the plants, great food, history, and traveling.

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Product designer, SaaS/PaaS, Microsoft - D365 / 2022- Present

Product designer, Mobile Native OS/Windows PC/Web, Microsoft - Power BI / 2019 - 2021

Community developer - OFFFTLV 2019 Design conference /2019

Product designer, Marketing designer - MyHeritage / 2019 -2018

Internship as Graphic designer - BeeCreations / 3 Months 2017 -2018
The Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards / 2018
Shortlisted in the 'Arts, Entertainment & culture' category with the work 'The ring of the Nibelungen'

IEEEVIS / 2018
Received a scholarship of Diversity & Inclusivity Certification of Excellence / 2016

Shenkar College of Engineering and Design
B.sc Scholarship / 2016 -2018 Shenkar College of Engineering and Design
An Interview I did with Prtfl.co.il (Yuval Saar) about my work at Microsoft, building Microsoft design community, and my journey to become a Product Designer.
The interview is in Hebrew.

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I combine my knowledge in different fields and aspects of Design: Research, Illustration, Motion, Micro-animations, GUI, Prototyping - in order to create a holistic experience across products. I am also familiar with HTML and CSS.
Data enthusiast
I love working with data, numbers & tables. I believe as designers we should leverage data and track engagements, measure success, and use it to improve both the product and our work in Design & Engineering. My work always includes numbers and telemetric.
Community Building
I helped to create multiple communities in the design field, conducting events, engaging internal & external audiences via email, social marketing techniques. Some of the initiatives: leading the Microsoft ILDC Design community, helping  OFFFTLV 2019 to develop a strong community and audience.
For the last 2 years, I've been creating experiences for different platforms, OS & devices. From iOS, Android, Windows, to Web patterns and guidelines focusing on aligned experiences for different sizes and design-languages.
I aspire to create accessible experiences for all humans by adhering to best practices and accessibility guidelines. From color contrast to screen readers, tab order, and components definition. People are unique, therefor we should create products for all and not for personas.
Customer journeys
A user journey is the breadth of our work. Understanding user path, obstacles, pain-points, their delights, and happy moments. Creating a user journey helps me to dive deep into user interactions, solve their deepest struggles and identify Wow moments.